Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Al Qaeda Urges American Muslims to Buy Guns for Terror Attacks

Published June 04, 2011 | FoxNews.com
Al Qaeda has released a video urging Muslims who live in the U.S. to take advantage of the easy access to firearms and buy guns to kill Americans.
In the two-hour video released Friday, Adam Gadahn, an American-born spokesman for the terror network, cited America as an example where Muslims in the West have tools at their disposal for a holy war against "the enemies of Islam."
"America is absolutely awash with easily obtainable firearms," said Gadahn, who is known as Azzam al-Amriki. "You can go down to a gun show at the local convention center and come away with a fully automatic assault rifle without a background check and most likely without having to show an identification card.
"So what are you waiting for?" he asked in a matter-of-fact tone.
The extended video reportedly shows the logos of Exxon, Merrily Lynch and Bank of America. Gadahn seeks to assure would-be terrorists that striking these targets isn't difficult.
"Getting to these criminals isn't as hard as you might think," he said. "I mean, we've seen how a woman knocked the Pope to the floor during Christmas mass, and how Italian leader Berlusconi's face was smashed during a public appearance. So it's just a matter of entrusting the matter to Allah and choosing the right place, the right time and the right method."
The video comes one month after Navy SEALs shot and killed Usama bin Laden in Pakistan.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/06/04/al-qaeda-urges-american-muslims-to-buy-guns-for-terror-attacks/#ixzz1OXpC5jOD

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

El Islam es incompatible con la democracia


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Proof of the Obama administration's INSANITY

American embassy in Pakistan celebrating homosexuality which is banned in Islam


QUESTION: How can a Muslim apostate (Baraq Hussein Obama) not understand how Muslims feel about homosexuality???

Joe Dan and Big Dawg

Islam teaches and encourages the following principles:

a. It is a political ideology which seeks to govern all aspects of life;

b. Rule by Allah, a theocracy;

c. Witness the event recently in Washington D.C. of a British Muslim Imam Anjam Choudary promoting a sharia4usa rally;

d. The relationship is one of a slave to a slave owner; Mohammed and his followers are happy to say: ‘I am a slave of Allah’; this is not a relationship of child to father for example.

e. The individual does not count for much in Islam because all Muslims are slaves to Allah, individual initiative and free thinking is squashed or inhibited because of the totalitarian nature of Islam.