Friday, June 19, 2009

Durka 3D, the Fall of Ahmadinejad Video Game

Anti-Ahmadinejad video game sparks support/protest

Becoming a smash hit video game, Durka 3D: The Fall of Ahmadinejad is gaining quite a following since the phony elections were held in Iran. The game has now been marked down to five bucks in order to spread as many copies around the globe as possible. Hate mail, and letters of support have spewed into the Durka mailbox.

Take this fantastic recommendation for the game that came from S. Mostafa Rahmani: "You are vituperate our believes, our nation, our president and our supreme leader. We are victims of governmental terrorism of US and Israel. And you are terrorists. Down with USA. Down with Israel. Down with You terrorists."

Shortly after launching the Facebook fan page for Durka 3D, the Iranian government banned Facebook throughout the country. Coincidence?

Pick up your copy today and tell all your friends. Please post about it on blogs and other websites as well.

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