Monday, March 8, 2010

The Religion of "Peace" Strikes Again, Another Coincidence

The killing of 500 Christians by the soldiers of Allah in a three-hour orgy of machete chopping recently took place in Nigeria.

Oh, but, of course, this is just a coincidence and the reports that the bravest of good Muslims carrying out the commands of Mohammad were screaming the usual "Allah Akhbar" does not mean that the murder of innocent unbelievers was a violent act, although it is demanded of the good Muslim and condoned by the press and Islamic apologists and the just plain ignorant! Ban Ki-Moon, U.N. Fraud In Charge called for "restraint", which sounds seriously like he is calling for nothing to be done to the murdering scum Jihadists! I am surprised that he didn't issue an order to STFU to the victims families. I can almost hear him now "You are lucky you weren't sexually tortured like the unbelievers in Mumbai, so STFU and thank Allah (PPBUH)that your _____________________(fill in the blank: Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, Husband, Wife, Sister, Brother, etc.) was only hacked to death! Don't you know this is the 10,999th instance of Islamists:
1) Misunderstanding the Qur'an and the word of Mohammad;
2) A small group of criminals hijacking the religion;
3) A false media report;
4) An unjust and untrue story, so what if hundreds of people reported it and that there are photographs - photographs can be altered, but the Islamists don't alter their photographs, they only accuse others of doing that;
5) A report by Islamophobes;
6) It was sectarian violence
6) The unbelievers deserved to die (yes, even the children or as the wonderful Muslim Students from San Francisco State University are fond of screaming at street rallies "WE WANT YOU TO WATCH US AS WE COVER YOUR CHILDREN IN THEIR OWN BLOOD";and Yes, I heard this with my own ears and I heard the applause and approval of the American useful idiot tools, leftists, liberal goons and Berkely Marxists who believe THEIR children will be immune ...oh wait! I forgot, they chose to murder/abort their own children - even more morally correct in their own twisted logic, than having them, raising them and then use them as Human Shields, which they most likely believe is their RIGHT!)

One local paper said the gangs shouted Allah Akhbar (God is Great) before breaking into homes and setting them alight in the early hours of Sunday. Churches were among the buildings that were burned down. (I guess they didn't have time to desecrate the Christian Graveyards, or maybe no one noticed yet........this is a typical M.O. of the Islamic Jihadist bags of sour sheep S**T) (notice how they carried out their mission on the Christian day of worship) "First the Saturday People, then the Sunday People".

Furthermore, as a young Farsi teacher told me recently at an Islamic Center: "Islam was NOT spread by the sword and Jesus and Mohammad spread their religion and their word in the same manner. I bet you weren't aware of that either, eh?

Killing sprees after killing sprees by the murderers screaming "Allah Akhbar" are more believeable than the lies told to prospective converts and other useful idiots who take the word of someone who wants them destroyed. It's easier, apparently, Not to believe your own ears and eyes isn't it?

And what makes you apologists for Islam think this can't happen to you or your family???? As long as Obama, the undocumented Maxist in the White House coddles and gives millions of your tax dollars to terrorists ($900 million to HAMAS in the Stimulus Package and the recent Executive Order of Obama to give HAMAS an additional $20.3 Million (HB 1388)for Migration Assistance to Palestinian refugees and conflict victims" in Gaza - too bad many used their own children as human shields or they could have loaded up our schools with more children and forced bankruptcy even sooner than the incompetent and corrupt school officials have already accomplished}, YOUR FAMILY may be next! Wake Up!!

Islamists are hard at work destroying your children's future while you support those haters with your votes and your campaign contributions. If you aren't already terrorized you are brain dead..................oh, I'm sorry, I forgot....Muslims are perpetual victims and they hate living in the west, although many are quick to take welfare and interest free Fanny Mae Shariah Finance Mortgage loans............Naw, no, Obama and ACORN had nothing what-so-ever to do with THAT scam. It's just another coincidence.

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