Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sayyid Qutb, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Muslim Student Association

Those who wish to understand the genocidal potentialities of jihad would do well to examine, however briefly, the ethic of war and peace of Sayyid Qutb (1906-1966), one of the twentieth century’s most influential Muslim thinkers.

Qutb and radical Islamists such as Osama Bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri and their followers take the behavior of Muhammad and his Rightly Guided Companions as the paradigmatic role models for the vanguard that is to overcome jahiliyya, defined by Qutb as the “state of ignorance of the guidance of God,” and restore the sovereignty of Allah to humanity.

In 1951, Qutb joined the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood and quickly assumed a leadership role. For Islamists such as Qutb, the ummah consisted solely of the worldwide community of truly believing Muslims. Neither in Muhammad’s time nor today could there be any place for Christians within the world of Islam, save as dhimmis.

The Muslim Student Association
. The MSA is a propaganda organization whose twofold purpose is to (a) infiltrate campuses in order to spread its doctrine of hate and terror, and (b) to prevent other organizations from operating on the same campus which could expose the true aims of the MSA. The MSA is funded by the radical Wahhabis or al-Muwabbidun (The asserters of the divine unity), of Saudi Arabia who funded the training of the terrorists of 9/11, as well as supplied the followers who carried out that act. The most prominent member of the Wahhabis is Osama bin Laden. The Wahhabis number in the millions – with wealth a million times that. And their stated goal is to convert the entire world to Islam and establish Sharia law as the only law in the land. To this end, the Wahhabis fund organizations in every part of the world whose specific aim is to help them achieve this purpose. The most powerful place chosen by the al-Muwabbidun is to carry out this aim is on the campuses of colleges and universities. To that aim, the Wahhabis specifically created the Muslim Student Association - the MSA.

Proof of the dangerous intent of the MSA has existed for many years – most prominent proof is its deep ties to the Muslim Brotherhood which was founded in Egypt. The mission of the Brotherhood – converting the entire world to Islam – was outlined in 1981 in a set of principles explaining how it would achieve that goal. Of the 12 principles outlined, the 10th is the most frightening and most revealing:

“To use diverse and varied surveillance systems, in several places, to gather information and adopt a single effective warning system serving the worldwide Islamic movement. In fact, surveillance, policy decisions and effective communications complement each other.”

The ‘surveillance system’ which the Brotherhood is referring to is that of a college or university campus. In its history of recruiting members to its terrorist cause, the Brotherhood’s highest success has come from universities. Recruitment of terrorists in universities first began in the middle of the last century in the Middle East and northern Africa, specifically in Egypt where the leaders of the Brotherhood first began. The Brotherhood then spread northward to campuses in Europe, chief of which was Germany whose universities spawned one third of the terrorists who masterminded the atrocities on 9/11. Many of these campus recruiting organizations were shut down after 9/11, but in no way did that mean the Brotherhood disappeared. To the contrary – it stayed exactly the same, while merely changing its outward appearance.

In America, its new identity was the organization known as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (“CAIR”). CAIR has long been recognized as the terrorist-affiliated organization it is – since 9/11, it has been named countless times as an ‘unindicted co-conspirator’ in the trials of terrorists apprehended by the United States government. CAIR has long protested that it is a ‘peaceful’ organization but peace does not find common cause with terrorists. CAIR associates with terrorists because its aim is the same – to convert the world to Islam by any means necessary. Jihad. And, as everyone knows, one can not wage Jihad unless one first recruits warriors.

This is why the Muslim Student Association came into being. Founded in 1963, it now claims to have 600 chapters in colleges throughout the United States and Canada. Like CAIR, the violent purpose of the MSA is revealed by its own links with terrorist organizations – namely, the Muslim World League (“MWL” - founded in 1962) and the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (“WAMY”). Both the MWL and WAMY were co-founded by extremists – in fact, MWL was founded by the brother-in-law of Osama bin Laden - Jamal Khalifa. In the 1980’s, the Pakistani branch of the MWL was run by the mentor of Osama bin Laden – Abdulla Azzam.

The MSA is a necessary part of this Jihad because the MSA operates in the venue which delivers the highest number of recruits to Jihad. University campuses are the vulnerable breeding grounds where the most fanatical followers are to be found. Young, impressionable students, inexperienced in reality and naïve enough to trust what they are told are easy targets for the MSA. By moving in their midst, becoming familiar to them, by speaking and lecturing to them, the MSA achieves its purpose in recruiting followers to Jihad.

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