Wednesday, November 9, 2011

AG, Eric Holder could care less

Attorney General Eric Holder obviously doesn't care that two American agents have been shot dead with guns Holder ordered to be placed in the hands of Mexican drug gangs. But 35 members of Congress care a lot - that's how many of them have now called for the AG's resignation.

Members of Congress who have previously called for Holder’s immediate resignation include: Rep. Connie Mack, Rep. Walter Jones, Rep. Dan Burton, House Transportation Committee chairman Rep. John Mica, House Small Business Committee chairman Rep. Sam Graves and Reps. Ted Poe, Blake Farenthold, Louie Gohmert, Quico Canseco, Rodney Alexander, Paul Gosar, Allen West, Tim Huelskamp, Mike Pompeo, Duncan Hunter, Devin Nunes, Dennis Ross, Trent Franks, Lynn Jenkins, Raul Labrador, Joe Walsh, Gus Bilirakis, Paul Broun, Randy Hultgren, Stephen Fincher, John Culberson, Michael Grimm, Andy Harris, Mike Coffman, Kenny Marchant, Thaddeus McCotter, Diane Black, Bob Latta and Vicky Hartzler.

But this line from the bottom of the article says what those people are up against. No Democrats have called for Holder’s resignation yet.
That silence is reprehensible. It's bad enough keeping your mouth shut when the AG lets thugs get away with terrorizing Philadelphia voters simply because the thugs are black - but letting Holder off the hook for two deaths (border agent Brian Terry and ATF undercover agent Jaime Zapata) is going too far. Obviously, the Dems are counting on the public's ignorance of this case - a condition made possible by the media's flat refusal to publicize it. It's had an effect. When I had lunch last week with two friends and asked them what they thought of Fast and Furious, both instantly replied that they weren't into Vin Diesel movies.

But it's a dangerous move to count on that ignorance lasting forever. It's one thing to turn away from racist thugs in Philadelphia - it's another thing entirely to ignore two Americans lying dead in a pool of blood, both killed by guns Holder ordered to be placed in the hands of their murderers. No, Fast and Furious is a scandal that is not going away. And the longer it lingers, the worse it gets. When the public finally does become aware of it, their anger will be all the more furious because of the subterfuge surrounding it. At that point, the Community Organizer will realize his AG has become a dangerous piece of baggage ticking ominously in the hold of the President's campaign bus.

Given that President Obama hopes to accept his Party's re-nomination next September in Charlotte, N.C., I'd calculate that next June will be the time period when his "good friend Holder" joins granny under the wheels.

Hat Tip to Carolyn DaVinci

My comments: Yes, this is the same Eric Holder who refused to prosecute convicted Islamic Terrorists in the largest terrorist trail in U.S. history, The Holy Land Foundation.

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