Monday, June 16, 2008

Arabic to English Transliteration Glossary - U, W, Y, and Z

Ulama- Plural- Religious scholars, leaders, and experts.
Alim - Singular
The ulama in Saudi Arabia are the community of recognized Islamic scholars, including the grand mufti, judges, imams of masjids, and teachers in religious universities and schools.

Ummah - Community, specifically the community of Muslims.

Umrah* - Lesser pilgrimage to Makkah at any time of the year. Unlike the Hajj which takes place during the twelfth month of the Islamic lunar calendar.

Wahhabi - One who follows Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab’sIslamic creed, who established his Islamic creedin eighteenth century Arabia; Wahhabi movements have militantly reasserted the monotheistic roots of Islam. Wahhabism is the title given by those outside of the movement. Al-Muwahhidun or Abd al-Taubid “The asserters of the divine unity”

Walimah* - A traditional dinner feast provided to wedding guests by the groom’s family after a marriage ceremony. Providing a walimah was highly recommended by the Prophet, whether it be a grand or humble affair.

Waqf* - Term designating the giving of material property by will or by gift for pious works or for the public good. Properties with waqf status, such as schools or hospitals, remain so perpetually, providing endless benefit to the community and endless Heavenly blessings to the donor.

Wudu - Ritual washing or purification.

Yathrib* - The former name of Madinah.

Yawm ad-Deen* - “Day of Faith”, one of several Arabic terms for Judgement Day.

Zabur* - Arabic name for the holy scripture revealed to Prophet David thousands of years ago. Analogous to the Christian Psalms, a precursor to the Qur’an, jas as David was a predecessor of Muhammad.

Zakah*- “purification” refers to the almsgiving tax, roughly 2.5% of one’s accumulated wealth, that eligible Muslims pay annually, Zakah is one of the “five pillars” of Islam and is usually collected by local masjids or charitable organizations. The funds are distributed to poor and need persons .

Zakat - Offering

Zam Zam*- Sacred well discovery by Hajar

Zina - Illegal sexual intercourse including fornication, adultery, rape and prostitution.

*Also includes zakat in Shariah finance
Zakat is also used to fund jihad, hence this explanation is yet another example of taqiyya or kitman.

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It is clearly seen that all derogatory terminology to non-Muslims is absent from the CAIR publication. Another example of taqiyya and kitman.

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