Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dhimmi of the Day - Individual Category: Clayton Swisher

All American LOOKING Clayton Swisher, reporter for Al Jeezra our Dhimmi of the Day Awardee for June 18, 2008

It seems, Mr. Swisher is happily reporting for Al Jeezra and "waging peace" for the "Palestinians". While his credentials, like many Islamists seem credible, if you research this dhimmi further, you will see him for what he really is: a pawn for those who would first castrate him, torture and then kill him for the crime of being a infidel OR has Mr. Swisher taken the leap from dhimmi dummy to full conversion and is happily taqiyying his way through his very own "peace process"? Mr. Swisher reminds me of the ISO dupes who work to subvert all that is decent in America under the guise of "justice", typical leftists whose M.O. is to call the opposition racist or some sort of phobes and tell lies about them as if there are facts. IMHO, Mr. Swisher represents a whole lot of what is wrong with the world these days. Two blind to see that they are participating in their own demise and taking the rest of us down with them for the sake of their own ego.

The following is a small excerpt from a reply to Clayton Swisher's rather silly book The Truth About Camp David as just one example of his genius

Clayton Swisher's rather silly book The Truth About Camp David(1) does not merit much attention, except that it appears to be well documented and has attracted some publicity on pro-Palestinain sites. Swisher's one-sided portrayal of events is so obvious as to deserve clear dismissal; yet Palestinian advocates quote it in response to Ross, and so we treat it briefly here.

Swisher does not even put up a pretense of objectivity. He promotes without question a number of Palestinian fabrications:

Even though they have nothing to do with Camp David, Swisher includes the "before" and "after" Rachel Corrie bulldozer photos, with the caption: "Even Americans expressing nonviolent opposition to the Occupation are not immune to Israeli lethal force." Corrie's death was not intentional, it was due to her own recklessness, and the photos are a known fabrication. Swisher's recent date of publication leaves him no excuse for not knowing this.

Swisher says without qualification that 12-year-old Muhammad al-Durrah was "shot by the IDF" (p. 385). The evidence indicates otherwise. Swisher's recent date of publication leaves him no excuse for not knowing this.

Swisher blames Israel for resisting a United Nations investigation of its operations in Jenin during Operation Defensive Shield (p. 394), giving tacit support to the Palestinian claim of a massacre. This claim has been ,shown to be a lie. Swisher's recent date of publication leaves him no excuse for not knowing this.

Swisher follows the Palestinian line, incorrectly stating that U.N. Resolution 242 "applied to all occupied territories, not just the Gaza Strip but the entire West Bank" (p. 269), while it is well known that the resolution does not contain the word "all."
Thus Swisher shows no compunctions about bending the truth to put Israel in a bad light. Not surprisingly, he exhibits this tendency also in his discussion of the peace process and Camp David. While Ross discusses both Palestinian and Israeli failures to live up to their commitments, Swisher hardly mentions the former and exaggerates the latter. For example, he places great emphasis on Israel's failure to fulfill its Wye obligations, while giving slight mention to Palestinian violations. In fact, Palestinian violations of Wye and Oslo are extensive and well documented.(2)

Swisher believes he has identified the true villain of the piece, and that is - Dennis Ross! Swisher's animosity toward Ross seems almost personal. He never misses an opportunity to take a swipe at Ross. He speaks of "Ross's shrewd nurturing of connections" (p. 39) and "the raw display of arrogance by Ross" (p. 199). To document Ross's "eye-rolling arrogance" (p. 228) he cites a "State Department political appointee," whose identity and motives are unknown. He captions one photo of Dennis Ross smiling with President Clinton and Madeleine Albright, "Ross, Albright, and Clinton have the last laugh just before announcing the collapse of the Camp David summit," as if to say Ross wanted the talks to fail and that was the reason he was smiling.

Swisher seizes on one particular incident, misrepresenting it and blowing up its importance practically to suggest that Ross himself was responsible for the failure of the talks. Here is what happened.

For more info on this dhimmi reporter for Al-Jeezra just google his name.

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