Friday, September 5, 2008

Report from RNC

September 3, 2008, 3:42 PM

A message and photos (sorry ACT members, the photos didn't come through)
from UAC founder Jesse Petrilla:

I'm here at day three of the RNC convention in Minneapolis! I know the
UAC is a very diverse and non-partisan group of great Americans, and
I'd like you to know that I'm not here as a leader in the UAC, but am
here as myself serving as a California delegate. I'm having a great
time, and am discussing the jihadist threats and other issues facing
America with all the folks here. It's exciting to be here and I'd like
to share some of my experiences with you. This email in no way serves
as an endorsement of any candidates by the UAC, nor does it serve as
any official representation of views from any presidential campaign.

Speaking with other delegates here, my overwhelming impression is that
they truly believe our nation is facing a great threat from Islamic
militancy on many fronts, with the primary threat not coming from direct
acts of terrorism, but from a 5th column stealth jihad which includes
our enemies chipping away at our ways of life over a long period of time
through tactics which use our laws against us.

Outside this convention are several thousand unorganized protesters
screaming for our surrender in the war against jihad, yet unlike us,
their message is not united. Myself with several others involved in the
jihad resistance went out to toy with the protesters, and speaking with
them you could instantly tell they all are at odds with each other and
are pushing their individual agendas, and are either grossly
uninformed, or are outright filled with hatred. But I and many others
would proudly stand up and give my life to defend their right to be
there and express their points of view. After speaking with them for a
while, we could no longer tolerate their intense hate, not to mention
the smell of some of them, and went back inside the convention.

The media here is very tricky, they are constantly asking us questions
which they word in order to undermine our positions. Al-Jazeera came up
to me and asked me for an interview last night on the convention floor.
I laughed out loud and denied their request, politely telling them how I
was not their biggest fan.

This event is truly impressive, and it is so wonderful how a small town
boy like me can take part in this historic moment of American history.

This experience highlights the stark contrast with our form of
government, and of our way of choosing our leaders, compared to the
many totalitarian Islamic countries in the world who brutally oppress
their citizens under Sharia Law. My heart goes out to the millions upon
millions of individuals who I look at as victims stuck as subjects of
such countries, who will never know the beauty of such freedom.

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