Monday, September 8, 2008

With a slip of his well rehearsed lies Baraq Hussein Obama tells the truth!

and then we have the *Trumpets Please" Dhimmi Dummy of the Day award, which goes to
George Stephanopoulus

Oh Georgie,Georgie! In front of millions of people live and millions, upon millions more on the net. You had to remind him to go BACK to his lies about being Christian! I'm only sorry I missed you actually kissing Obama's buttocks, or maybe you bend over after the interview for a bit of fun, just before or after you paid the dhimmi tax. Oh poor Georgie! Oh poor Abomination - you both are BUSTED!!

And the biggest laugh of the day and so so indicitive of Muslim Taqqiya, Baraq Hussein Obama is angry that people accuse him of being a Muslim right after he says "My Muslim faith"!

WAKE UP AMERICA, WAKE UP supporting the Abominattion BECAUSE he is black is racist!

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