Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Just Have to Say..............

A Day without Gay...............HOORAY!!!

By John Wilkens

Gay rights activists in San Diego and elsewhere, hoping to sustain a grass-roots protest movement launched after the Nov. 4 passage of Proposition 8, have planned a nationwide boycott tomorrow.
The event, called Day Without a Gay, encourages gays, lesbians and their supporters to take off work, refrain from shopping and spend the day volunteering somewhere.

I am sick to death of these cry babies thinking that their sexual preferences are the most important thing on earth! Grow up out of your egotistical, self=centered, whinning and SHUT TF UP, you idiots! The people of California have voted TWICE that marriage is between a man and a woman. You already have all the rights of married men and women, so stop your hateful, vengeful destruction of marriage. SHUT TF UP! you live in a democracy and the people have voted in a constitutional amendment saying no to your whinning, bullying and hate mongering.

I say HOORAY for a day without Gay!

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