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Negotiating wih Narcissistic Islam

A very powerful - if not unassailable - case has been made that Muhammad was suffering from serious Narcissism, and left as his legacy, a very Narcissistic political system. Many world leaders have suffered from this condition, and many millions of people have died as a result, but Muhammad's mental state has been responsible for more deaths than any other political leader before or since.

Thanks to June F., ACT Chapter Leader in Bluffton, we can explore the concept of "talking Peace" with a Narcissistic regime.
-- Allan

PS If you know the leadership in Israel, perhaps you could send this enlightening information to them -- as if it would help!
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Could a peace talk with radical Islam actually work?

When I think of the words peace talks, I automatically think of positive communication, good will and potential allied relationships.

What actually is a peace talk? Isn't it talks where 'peace' is discussed?

Isn't it necessary to first have negotiators who understand what the word 'peace' actually means!???

Narcissistic people do not understand peace, so let's take a look at narcissism….

I want others around me to be what I think they should be.
I want others to do what I want them to do and think how I feel they should think!
I want others to cater to me and make my life more comfortable!
I want others to look up to me and never question my judgment!
I want others to think like me so that we are more compatible!
I want others who disagree with me to behave in ways that do not affect me negatively!

If I demand these desires, consciously or subconsciously, I would be manifesting narcissism.

I think like this because I am inherently selfish and self-serving! This is the nature I was born with.
I acted accordingly until I grew old enough to recognize the dysfunction in this mentality.
I was born narcissistic and completely consumed with having my own way until I matured.
Because I am now an adult, I realize that demanding selfishness successfully is inconsistent with reality!
And that education happened after the age of 2 years old. When I was 2, it was all about me, I was narcissistic!

The goal of the Islamic ideology is to subjugate everyone to the Islamic law!
This is the mental equivalent of a 2 year old throwing a temper tantrum!

The Islamic religious practices revolve around this unrealistic mindset.
The Islamic ideology encourages people to never grow up and take responsibility for their choices. Their arrested state of mental and emotional development keeps them in the 2- 5 year old range!

Muslims have the emotional/social agenda of an infant or toddler! It is evidenced by their laws and religious practices!

Look at the covering, cutting and subjugation of women, etc., their insistence on foot baths and prayer rooms, their disapproval/dislike of anyone who is not Muslim and ultimately their call to jihad.

They live in the adult world but refuse to accept the responsibilities that go along with the adult world.

This is a dysfunction deeply rooted in Narcissism. In short; Islamic ideology is narcissistic!

So, how does a person have a peace talk with a narcissist?
Or a 2 year old?
Or a Muslim?

Let's go with what we know!....

When a 2 year old throws a temper tantrum do we negotiate?
Just because we want peace do we give in to the 2 year old with candy, special privileges, etc. or do we sit them in a time out chair?

Seriously, do we have peace talks with our 2 year olds? (Ok, those of you who answered yes, have you noticed that when you negotiate and compromise with a 2 year old that it simply emboldens them to throw the same tantrum later on!!?)

Peace talks do not work with a 2 year old because 2 year olds are narcissistic (self-involved) by nature! This is the age where consistent discipline is an absolute necessity! Without the accurate "cause and effect" mirroring, a 2 year old will never grow out of his narcissistic tendencies!

AND, peace talks will never work with adult narcissists who choose Jihad as their temper tantrum!

"Uncomfortable consequences" are the only effective recourse to the advances of Islam! "Concessions" and appeasement have the reverse effect!

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"First the Saturday people;
Then the Sunday people!"
- Arabic text on the walls of muslim-ruled
Bethlehem, Israel.

-- Allan

Lan Astaslem...
I shall not submit to islam!

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