Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Government Against Its People

A Government Against Its People

Over the past several weeks, Americans have witnessed the most overt racism to date on the part of the Federal Government under Barack Obama. Racists New Black Panther thugs have been exposed for what they really are, and the Eric Holder Justice Department, with the approval of Barack Obama, has made it clear that such racism from blacks will be excused.

I am a black who came of age in the waning days of legalized segregation in the South. Occurrences of racism (black and white) are not new to me. The phenomenon itself is a human thing; it comes in all stripes. But what gravely irritates me is how today’s crop of leaders and elites respond to the scourge of racism.

Radio and talk show host Glen Beck, not someone of whom I am particularly fond, at least chronicles rabid racist behavior all around. He has begun a discussion on his television show. Beck, however, when reporting the racist rants of the New Black Panthers, goes tepid. I sense that because he is white, he thinks that he must tread lightly when discussing blacks. He was quick to call Mel Gibson, the white movie actor, a few choice derogatory names for Gibson’s latest racial rant. But the more detrimental racism of the Panthers (scaring folks away from voting places) was handled forcefully, yes, but without the derogatory names.

Even Rush Limbaugh, though not as much as Beck, tends to hold back when it comes to blacks. Recently on his radio show, he allowed a black woman to berate him mercilessly about his so-called “attacks” on Barack Obama. Yes, I can usually detect a black person’s voice if that person is not affecting speech other the dialect I grew up hearing as a child. Her slavish obeisance to Obama was also a give-away.

That hesitancy on Limbaugh’s part was not there when he encountered a Hispanic caller with a different take than his own on the Arizona illegal immigration law. He told his call-screener to stop sending him stupid calls. I frankly thought the Hispanic guy had a better argument than the black woman.

The problem with this tepidness regarding race from the media talking heads and the elite political classes in general is that everyday Americans are tired of it (I include myself in that group). This capitulation to bad-acting blacks is setting the stage for serious violence. Because Beck and company can’t bring themselves to confront more harshly behavior that threatens white people’s lives doesn’t mean that Aryan Nations won’t. And what better reason do neo-Nazis have than the fact that the Government in Washington has sided with racist blacks? A government that should be fighting racism from all quarters has chosen to take sides. If that fact doesn’t drive people into a posture of self-preservation, I ask what will? And trust me, I don’t think the Nations need much prodding.

The other sad result of Obama’s racist tactics is that everyday, decent Americans are being driven to hate their government and the people who look like the man who heads it. Those everyday, decent Americans will not sit quietly forever. And it will not matter one iota if the elites, the talking heads, and the political classes are screaming—a la Rodney King—for a one-sided “civility.” Moreover, blacks will bear the brunt of the turmoil. Some responsible body in Washington had better heed the warning before it is too late.

Sylvia Thompson


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