Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Brigitte Gabriel in Lebanon, 1987

Dear Readers,
I am honored to be a small part of Act for America and to be associated with such a brave and gracious woman who works tirelessly to educate and protect the American Public from the destruction and horror of radical Islam.

Video: Brigitte Gabriel in Lebanon, 1987

“Thirty-five years ago this month, my home was bombed”

Dear Friends,

As we celebrate Thanksgiving in this land of abundance, we reflect back on all the blessings we have in our lives. For me every Thanksgiving has special significance because it was at the end of November, 1975 that my life was changed forever.

Recently, I showed some friends a video that my husband, a journalist I met in Israel, made about my life to introduce me during our wedding ceremony in America in 1987. My friends said: “Brigitte you should show this, so people can see what you talk about in your book.”

This video was done 23 years ago, before I came to America, well before realizing my mission in life and well before starting ACT! for America. In this video, you will see my home, my parents, and scenes of my life during the war, shot with my mother and my cousin depicting my experience in the very bomb shelter I lived in.

When people ask me why I am so passionate about fighting the threat of radical Islam, and why I am so thankful for America, this is why.

Always devoted,

Brigitte Gabriel
President, ACT! for America

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