Friday, January 28, 2011

Huge? protests in Egypt

Reuters is saying the protests in Egypt are "huge". Although a few thousand people do not equate to "huge" in a country of Millions. Cairo alone has over 18 million people. It's clear Reuters wants to see blood in the street and if that's not happening they (Reuters) will make it seems so.

The violence in Egypt is clearly being led by the poor election losers: The Muslim Brotherhood and they\ir radical buddies in the masjids.

Some bloggers are saying this is a protest against corrpution and a rally for "freedom". I ask you what freedom do they want? Freedom is a rare thing in Islamic Republics, which the Ikhwan are rioting to establish. Unless we are talking about the freedom to rape, torture and murder.

What the hell rights is Hildabeest talking about that Mubarak should respect???? Is it murdering non-Christians or destroying property or throwing fire bombs, attacking police stations and political headquarters? I say "SHUT THE F**K UP YOU STUPID, STUPID DHIMMI!

We should support Mubarak in his attempts to keep the Muslim Brotherhood and their brand of "protest" under his boot heels or they will have their swords at the throats of all those who oppose their reign of terror.

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