Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Islamic extermination of Christians

Yes folks, extermination of Christians and Jews is what the religion of Islam is all about. Happening all over the world and coming to our country soon, if people don't wake the H E double L up! They are in place, readying for the imposition of Shariah Law, the same law and treatment of non-Muslims that is currently taking place, for the sake of this writing, I am mainly talking about Egypt and Iraq. In Egypt the Ikhan and al qaeda are kicking up their filthly feet and exterminating Coptic Christians. Iraqi Christians are fleeing from all parts of that country, fleeing from murdering Muslim pigmen, and consider themselves lucky if they can get to Kurdistan. American Islamists and their buddies want this for the U.S.A. (scroll down to read current events to see what's in store for the world if the suicidal liberal idiots continue to support Islamic Conquest.

Some are willing to protest this REAL injustice and barbarity, not the fantasy injustice of the liberal mindset. Oh yea, the kickback is more horrendous, according to media whores and pimp Islamists, than the murder of innocent Christians! Case in point:Mass Murder is now called "religious tenson"!!!

Have you already read or heard the above info from any of the large networks or your local or national newspaper?

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