Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Abomination's No Answer, Answer

Yesterday, August 16, 2008, in front of an audience of thousands and a network audience of millions, Obama was asked by Pastor Warren - 'at what point does a baby get human rights?'. Obama replied 'Answering that question with specificity is above my pay grade.'

You know, I find it the height of irony that Obama's non-answer actually WAS an answer. Unfortunately for Obama, it was an answer to some entirely different questions which he has stubbornly refused to confront since the beginning of his candidacy. Namely, questions of his beliefs.

To begin with it, his non-answer 'answered' the question about whether he is a devout Christian. He isn't. A devout Christian would never equivocate about abortion - devout Christians are against it. Period. The next question his non-answer answered was the question of his moral beliefs. A person of strong moral beliefs (regardless of whether those beliefs are for or against abortion) would reveal that strength by giving a prompt and emphatic answer. That Obama did neither answers the question on that score. Then there's the question of his political beliefs - as a Democrat, Obama's stance [i]must[/i] be that of his party (after all, they've chosen him as their leader). Ergo, he should have instantly supported the Democratic stance on abortion, i.e., that abortion is a 'right' which must be protected at all costs, from the moment of conception up to the very second (and, unfortunately in Illinois, [i]beyond[/i] that second) of live birth. But Obama flatly refused to. And in so doing, answered the question of his politics.

But most astounding of all, Obama 'answered' the question of his own intelligence. Just think of what the answer really means - i.e, the reason Obama gave for not answering a simple question was because it was "..above (his) pay grade'. Folks, there's no way to get around it - Obama was literally admitting he wasn't smart enough to answer. Folks, this is a staggering admission. If there has been ONE constant, incessantly repeated qualification for the presidency which Obama and his followers have literally screamed from the rooftops since his candidacy began, it is the qualification of Obama's vaunted intelligence. He's not just smart, he's [i]damned[/i] smart. Obama was President of the Harvard Law Review, he's a former Law Professor at the University of Chicago. He's written books which have sold millions. In other words, this man is not just smart, he's smart with a capital 'S'. Yet , as a stunned world watched yesterday, Obama looked Pastor Warren straight in the face and in reply to a prepared question which Obama had seen beforehand and had had ample time to prepare for, replied that he wasn't smart enough to answer it.

Yes, it [i]is[/i] ironic, isn't it, that yesterday Obama actually DID answer some questions? Unfortunately, as Obama surely discovered too late afterwards (once Michelle bitch-slapped him offstage), it was an answer to the wrong questions.

(BTW - if you read the article linked above, please check out the comments. Boy, if [i]their [/i]reactions to Obama's 'above my pay grade' remark are anything to go by, Michelle must be frothing by now.)


BTW dear readers, I am NOT Carolyn.

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