Sunday, August 3, 2008

Obama's Lost Years

There's a reason they're lost. If Obama's years between 1996 and 2004 were found, they'd scare the hell out of the mainstream American voters he desperately needs to win the White House.

As the above (incredibly detailed) piece by Stanley Kurtz for "The Weekly Standard" makes clear, Obama's legislative work in those 8 years reveals the reason why he and his campaign are so nervously quiet about those missing years. They reveal the political and psychological mindset of Obama more than anything - a mindset obsessed most of all with two things - race and socialism.

Though Obama's mouth chews arugula and his body lives in a mansion, his mind is firmly set in the socialist 'paradise' of Karl Marx. And black Liberation theology. Both of them go hand in hand - as proven by the article's revelation that Obama's ties with the unrepentent husband and wife terrorists, William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. From the first Ayers and Dohrn loudly and strongly supported Obama - they were one of the first to hold fund raisers for him and later, after he was elected, they stood shoulder to shoulder with him in their mutual cause - destroying the criminal system in Illinois. Naturally, Ayers and Dohrn have no love for law enforcement since both spent their early adulthood (as members of the terrorist underground movement, the Weathermen) desperately eluding police who were trying to stop Ayers and Dohrn from killing huge numbers of people with bombs. Obama, also, has no love for law enforcement either - but his opposition is based on race. Obama firmly believes that the only reason many of his Black brothers and sisters are arrested is because of their race - they're Black. Neither Obama, Ayers and Dohrn give credence to the notion of 'guilt' - (Ayers certainly sees no need for it in his own life - when asked if he felt guilty about igniting bombs in his youth, he promptly responded that his only regret was that he didn't ignite more.). In particular, none of the three ascribe any guilt to young felons. Obama sees them as victims of racism while Ayers and Dohrn see them as childlike victims of societal inequities such as poverty, etc. Ayers' book "A Kind and Just Parent" stresses this. In court, he stresses it just as vehemently - which made for a really bizarre anecdote:

"Testifying at the trial of a young felon he'd been tutoring, Ayers calls him "nervous, a little shy...eager to please." (Please note the prosecutor's pithy response:) "Would you call shooting someone eight times at close range 'eager to please?'"

Obama's obsession with race resulted in him passing legislation which prevented Chicago police from using racial profiling at traffic stops. To Obama's delight, the level of arrests plummeted after this happened. Unfortunately, something else went in the opposite direction - auto thefts. Once car thieves realized cops couldn't stop them any longer, thefts of autos went through the roof. This result, however, was something which Obama - and Ayers and Dohrn - are stone silent on. (Though I'm sure the owners of the stolen cars would make quite a noise if given the chance.)

This article finely details Obama's obsession with race - proving with facts, quotes, data, etc., that Obama's lie that he is above race is just that. Race literally is how Obama defines himself. Over and over again. And never is that more surely proven than in those missing years of legislation in Illinois which he is so damned silent about.

Finally, Obama's obsession with socialism is extensively outlined in this excellent article. In a nutshell, spend spend spend on social policies such as welfare, affirmative action, set asides, socialized medicine, etc. And when that results in massive debt crippling the state - well, Obama has a neat solution. Spend even more.

All in all, this revelation of Obama's mindset, of his politics, of his actions once he's given the least bit of power is ample proof of why he and his followers are damned nervous about the rest of the country finding out about this. Any American voter reading this article would be scared to death to vote for him. (Especially those with cars.)

Please read. It's quite lengthy. But worth the effort.


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