Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Trans Caucasian Islamist Movement at work in Abkhazia (Georgia)

Remember the Islamic Jihadists murdering school children in Breslan? Yes, folks, this is this region's adherents of peace, followers of the pedophile, Big Mo at work again, or rather STILL. Part of the Chechnyan Islamic Movement, stirring up their religion as demanded by the Qur'an.

Their leader, Movladi Udugov quoted a Chechen proverb which says "A man is not one who knows how to fight, but one who knows who his enemies are," or words to that effect. OH IF ONLY OUR OWN WESTERN GOVERNMENTS WOULD HEED THIS ADVICE!

''Two ideologies can never get along peacefully on the same territory'' Udugove further says in an interview with a reporter from that Muslims do not distinguish personal enemies from Muslim enemies. Sound familiar? Wot? They couldn't be saying this in American mosques, could they?

From a May 2008 publication, Deputy Commander of Shali Sector of Eastern Front, Caucasus Emirate Armed Forces, Amir Muslim said ''I prayed to Allah, asking for beginning of this Jihad…'' He is one of the six Mujahideen brothers from Elistanzhi village in Vedeno District of Chechnya. His older brother is Amir Husain (born in 1970). Husain is the head of the Islamic Jamaah in Elistanzhi village and the Commander of the Shali Sector of the Eastern Front of the Caucasus Emirate.

These mujahideen are most likely also joining forces with the Islamic Party of Turkistan who just this week have threatened the Olympics.

You may remember that the famous seraglio beauties known as Circassians were kidnapped by the Ottoman Turks from this area. Many of the Ottoman janissaries, kinaped young boys made to serve the Islamic Sultans were from this area as well.

The domino effect of global jihad in this region of the world further threatens the stability of the western world. How will our leaders react? Quite the dilema for a world that refuses to accept or even acknowledge the global Islamic movement for world domination through any and all means.

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  1. He is correct, the two ideologies cannot coexist in the same country. Until our leaders realize this or have the guts to admit this. They will slowly chip away at life as we know it. It really is very simple, just look at life in the Middle East. Do we really want that here?