Friday, January 9, 2009

IDF YouTube Channel

Do yourself a favor and educate yourself to the truth of the Palestanian/Israeli "conflict".

Hamas are cowards, thugs and murderers of their own women and childen, often using their own children as human shields! Many Hamas men have been captured wearing women's burkas. They build munitions factories in civilian neighborhoods and shoot rockets into Israeli schools from their own housetops. Hamas uses ambulances as bombs and teaches their children from the time they are infants to hate everyone who is not Muslim. They use mosques as arsenals. The IDF videos show rockets being fired from mosques and housetops in residential neighborhoods. When will you useful idiot Americans and Europeans wake up and smell the bloodshed you are supporting, the lies of Hamassholes that you believe to be the truth. Open your eyes, dudes, YOU and YOUR FAMILY are next!!!

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