Thursday, January 1, 2009

Renewed EVIDENCE of Palestinian Lies and bogus complaints

From ACT! New York Metro

Since Israel's War Of Independence when many of the "civilian casualties" which muslims still complain about, were found to be Arab Legion troops wearing their uniforms under their all-concealing women's garb, we have seen the muslims' arrogant disregard for the lives of their own people by deliberately forcing unwilling civilians into hazardous military situations.
Now we have renewed evidence of the accuracy of these charges from a muslim source.

This report, naturally, diminishes the propaganda value of islamic allegations that Israel deliberately targets civilians -- while every objective observer has seen just the reverse.

Read the following report in its entirety, translated from the original Arabic by PMW. It seems that there's nothing new in the 7th century muslim world for the New Year.

Gaza Updat, Jan. 1, 2009Palestinian Media Watch

Iranian reformist daily:
Hamas hiding forces in nurseries and hospitals

An Iranian reformist daily newspaper has criticized Hamas "for risking lives of civilians, amongst them children, by hiding its forces in nurseries and hospitals." This is reported in today's Palestinian daily Al-Ayyam. The Palestinian daily adds that in response the Iranian government has closed the newspaper.

The following is the story in today's Al-Ayyam:
Headline: "Iran closes a reformist newspaper, for publishing a report criticizing Hamas"

"The Iranian news agency "Irna" reported yesterday, that the Iranian Culture Ministry has closed the reformist daily newspaper "Karjo Zaran," because it published a report that included criticism of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).

On December 30 the paper published a statement of a reformist student organization, that has criticized Hamas for risking lives of civilians, amongst them children, by hiding its forces in nurseries and hospitals The statement was published whilst the Iranian government expresses a unified stand against Israel, and Tehran is overwhelmed by demonstrations against Israel."
[Al-Ayyam, Jan. 1, 2009]

"First the Saturday people;
Then the Sunday people!"
- Arabic text painted on the walls
of Bethlehem, Israel.

-- Allan, Chapter Director,
New York & L.I.

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