Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New York City Pro Israel Rally Draws Thousands!!

New York City Pro-Israel Rally Draws Thousands!!
Meanwhile, An Israeli Subjected to Hamas Rocket
Attacks Emails Us

Dear Friends,

Late yesterday we received an email from New York and an email from Israel, their common thread being Israel’s defense against the terrorist organization Hamas and its rocket attacks.

We have reprinted the short email from the Israeli, whose name has been removed, in the exact form we received it.

Beneath that you will find a report sent to us by our New York Metro ACT! for America chapter leader regarding yesterday’s pro-Israel rally in New York City.

We in ACT! for America want to make it clear that we stand shoulder to shoulder with the democratic nation of Israel as it resists the terror and tyranny of radical Islam. We in America must never forget that Israel is on the front lines in this conflict.


My name is [name removed] and i live in Ashdod, Israel.

As you probably know, 11 days ago Israel finally started to take action in Gaza strip in order to defend itself and it's citizens. It must be said that Israel's actions are the response to the violent nature of the actions and threats of Hamas against us.

For 11 days now, my city, along with other cities in the region of southern Israel have been and are being attacked and bombed by Hamas. Together, we are a milion people under the threat of being bombed.

What we do today, what I do today, is standing against the missiles of Hamas, a thing which i have never had to do before, so my Israeli fellows that have been suffering from it for years will be able to live in peace. A real peace, and not just a cease-fire for Hamas to take advantage of to get armed. We suffer now so our Israeli brothers can live in peace, AND so missiles won't ever become "routine" in our cities too. What we don't do today, will cost us tomorrow.

As a citizen of a western country (Israel of course), i have been surprised to see the huge hypocrisy shown by the western world during these 11 days. Protests and demonstration against Israel and it's actions all over the world, comparing us to the Nazis and calling us murderers. All that from the people who have ignored the violent nature of Hamas and it's actions and attacks against Israeli CITIZENS for years and years.

That being said, i'd like to thank you and your organization for your support and right view of reality. It's important to me and other Israelis to know that there are sane voices out there too.

And a personal message for Brigitte Gabriel:

I joined your website and organization after listening to your speeches on Youtube. As i know your story, i know u understand that what we are doing today is defending our home. Hamas, just like the radicals in Lebanon, has no tolerance and doesn't want to live in peace with us. Hamas's wish, in the good case, is to throw us to the sea. To take the onlyplace i know as HOME away from me. And neither me nor the Israeli people will stand that kind of wish.

So from the Israeli people and country - Thank you.


The "Support Israel" rally today which was co-sponsored by ACT! New York Chapter was hugely successful. One estimate is that there were 10,000 people out in the frigid New York Street - Christians, Hindus, Jews - who knows who else. The police were outstandingly cooperative -- as they usually are. They expanded the protective barricades out into 2nd Avenue as the crowds swelled.


We hope that the Israelis got the message: WE SUPPORT YOU IN YOUR WAR AGAINST ISLAMIC TERROR!

Scattered somewhere in the crowd were enclaves of our members. We will be there again at the "MAJOR" Rally which is being scheduled for this coming Sunday morning at 11:00 AM. Plan on attending! More info as it becomes available!


ACT for America
P.O. Box 6884
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

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