Sunday, February 8, 2009

Arabs throw pipebombs and fires rockets on peacful pro-israeli demonstration in Sweden.

Sunday, February 08, 2009
Malmö, Sweden: Several arrested during pro-Israel protest

Here’s a video of one of the rocket strikes over the heads of the pro-Israeli demonstrators picked up from the fabulous website, Gate of Vienna

Update 2:

Ted Ekeroth reports on this protest on his blog: Arabs throws pipebombs and fires rockets on peacful pro-israeli demonstrationThe anti-Israel demonstrators waved a sign "Thanks for the latest, damned pigs", which references the recent news story that Malmö police referred to Muslim rioters as "damned immigrants". (Malmö: Police accused of racism)


Sydsvenskan updated their article, as pointed out in the comments by Ted Ekeroth.

The pro-Israel demonstration was about 300-400 people, while the anti-Israel demonstration was 200-300 people.

The link also offers pictures from the protests.


That is the headline on Swedish sites. When reading the article, however, I discovered that the pro-Israel protest of about 100 people was peaceful. It was met with a counter-demonstration of about 300 people who tried to disturb the protest with firecrackers and violence against the agents. The police put enough distance between the pro-Israel demonstration and the anti-Israel demonstration so that the counter-demonstrators were only facing the police.

Five of the anti-Israel protesters were taken into custody.


Anwaar Al-Sharkawi was among the counter-demonstrators, together with her daughter Fatima.

"I'm against the state of ISrael - there is no country called Israel. Of course it's not Israel's government which is here - but those who are here support them," says Anwaar Al-Sharkawi.

Her daughter adds:
"I worry about my homeland. We have more right to be here than them," says Fatima Al-Sharkawi.

Source: Sydsvenskan (Swedish)

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