Thursday, February 12, 2009

International SITA Action a Victory re: Geert Wilders

News of international action SITA in support of Wilders launched on January 22, 2009.
It is already a great success as at today February 9, 2008 for the following reasons:
1) We were relayed/promoted by great sites ... etc A Google research with Geert " Winston" und Geert " Charlie" Wilders will show you clearly that it is a media success on the Internet.

2) We have already counted more than 2000 visits for the 2 articles " Winston" and " Charlie" and if one can believe it, the famous Dutch daily newspaper De telegraaf, has reported about hundreds of letters (and also e-mails) coming from many countries which have arrived at the Court in Amsterdam as well as to the lawyer Spong, who has asked for police protection following the receipt of death threats. These threats are detrimental to our cause because they give ammunition to our enemies. All this makes a buzz around Wilders which was our intention.

...What do we do next?
The lawsuit brought against Geert Wilders will go on for months and we must do everything so that our action carries on. For this reason it is not necessary for an enormous quantity of mail to arrive every day. A letter from time to time addressed to the Dutch authorities, to the 3 judges, to lawyer Spong and his collaborators will be enough under the terms of the principle of the snowflake: a flake on a roof nothing happens, two flakes... 10 flakes nothing happens, a multitude of flakes nothing – but suddenly one flake more and the roof collapses. The letter that you will send or will have someone send will perhaps be the letter which will make these dhimmis crack!

Victory for activism on the web. A Norwegian activist prevents a recent law proposal to be voted:

SITA action English link Here

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  1. Thanks Mary for publishing this report. Have a look on the last line, the link doesn't work.