Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Calling N.O.W. and all Feminists and Feminazis

The picture to the left is a typical unhappy Muslim woman from the news story: Violence flares at protest over Afghan sex law
Women hit by stones at rally against law critics say legalizes marital rape

Since you seem oblivious to how women are treated in Islam and Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rotten Clinton are reaching out to Muslims worldwide and also within our government and country, maybe YOU will be this unhappy when we are living under Shariah law? I guess so-called "honor" killings and sexual mutilations are not enough for you to protest, maybe the actual face of pain and sorrow will click somewhere in your same-sex marriage as the most important issue of the day heads and realize just what you are really headed for. Do yourself a favor and try to get informed and protest something that will affect ALL women, not just the small, small fraction of a percentage of the total population of women.

Talk about self-serving, egocentric!!

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