Friday, July 24, 2009

Sue Myrick on Health Care Reform

And I might add: Health Insurance is NOT a right and I don't want the government deciding what health care I am entitled to. I will continue to pay for my own health insurance, thank you very much. I will continue to see the doctor I wish to see and I do not want to pay for abortions or end of life counseling (how to end my life, which in the current incarnation of the Obama Health Care is mandatory!!!

Kill the unborn and kill the elderly is this what you really want? Do you want your life to be worthless unless you refuse to work, are a foreign national, a foreign invader, a jailbird or a drug addict??? Give ME your money - this will help Obama redistribute the wealth and give ME hope for the future. Do the fraud a favor and continue his Marxist spitting on the constitution and hard working, taxpaying American CITIZENS.

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