Monday, July 27, 2009

What Arab Leaders say in English is different than what they mean in Arabic

The below message is from the Walid Shoebat Foundation. Mr. Shoebat is a former Islamic Terrorist who is now a Christian and is trying to open the eyes of Islamist supporters, appeasers and dhimmis. He knows what he is talking about - please take heed and follow the suggestions to pass the info on and to notify your congressional rep. Thank you.

Dear Friends

Below is a very important link sent to me by a supporter which shows one of the main leaders touted by George Bush as "a young leader we can deal with," Muhammad Dahlan who publicly stated that Arafat conned the world and what Arafat said during the day is different what he really meant when he spoke at night. Walid has been saying this for years, that what Arab leaders say in English is different what they mean in Arabic.

Below is the proof, now lets get to work and get it to our leaders so they know too and persuade them to act so as to pressure our leaders to publicly condemn Islamic hatred of Israel and Jews and to start imposing the right pressure on the real aggressors. Pressuring Israel and Jews not to build houses and villages in their own ancient land is just a smoke screen of at best misguided people who cannot see good from evil.

please send this link with a similar note to your Congress person and Senators as well as the State Department.

Keith Davies
Director Shoebat Foundation

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