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Jamia Binoria Madrassa

This is a follow up to the internet story of The Karachi Kids, American children in a Pakistani Madrassa. Subsequent to the story and the hype surrounding the Documentary DVD, I heard a radio program taking about the Jamia Binoria Madrassa. So setting off on a quest to find out more I am posting some facts for my readers and suggesting that you contact the representatives below AND your own representatives to DEMAND ACTION.


Mr. MCCAUL of Texas (for himself, Mr. GALLEGLY, Mr. BURTON of Indiana, Mr. CANTOR, and Mr. SHUSTER) submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs


Encouraging the United States Secretary of State to work with the Government of Pakistan to secure the return to the United States of all American children being educated in madrassas in Pakistan.

Whereas numerous acts of terrorism can be linked to certain madrassas, or Islamic schools, in Pakistan, as reported by the Chicago Tribune, the Voice of America, the Heritage Foundation, and several other sources;

Whereas Afghanistan’s Taliban movement itself began among students attending radical Pakistani madrassas;

Whereas extremist madrassas begin the radicalization of children as young as five years old;

Whereas radical Pakistani madrassas have been called an `incubator for Jihad’ by Jihad Watch and Eric Ellis of the Bulletin/Newsweek;

Whereas the former Pakistani Government, recognizing the dangers of a new generation of homegrown terrorists, ordered all foreign students in madrassas to return to their homelands;

Whereas hundreds of American children have been sent to Pakistan to study in madrassas and have not returned home;

Whereas American children are being deprived of their right to an impartial formal education, including instruction in math, English, history, and other essential subjects;

Whereas American children in the radical Jamia Binoria madrassa in Karachi, Pakistan, tell of beatings and torture suffered at the hands of their instructors;

Whereas the radical Jamia Binoria madrassa allowed Osama Bin Laden to address its students on the importance of jihad just before the attacks against the United States that occurred on September 11, 2001;

Whereas the radical Jamia Binoria madrassa is, according to Asia Times, the place where Al-Qaeda and the Taliban formed their partnership;

Whereas the recent elections in Pakistan are proof of the Pakistani people’s commitment to true democratic reform;

Whereas the new, democratically elected Government of Pakistan has expressed its willingness to be a responsible and active member of the global community;

Whereas Pakistan has been a committed partner in the global war on terror; and

Whereas it is in the interest of both the Pakistani and United States Governments to continue to work together to combat radical terrorist ideology: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That it is the sense of the House of Representatives that the United States Secretary of State should work with the Government of Pakistan to immediately identify and return to the United States all American children currently being educated in madrassas in Pakistan.


Jamia Binoria
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Jamia Binoria is an international Sunni[1] Islamic educational institute located in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It is regarded as one of the most modern madrassas[2].

Jamia Binoria was founded by Mufti Muhammed Naeem in Rajab 1398 A.H. or 1978 CE[3]. The school espouses Deobandism (, the religion of the Taliban. The institution houses over 5,000 students including children from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany and the Far East. Selig Harrison, the Director of the Asian Program for the Center for International Policy recently gave a speech that reaffirms the link between the Jamia Binoria and the Taliban: "In Karachi, the Jamia Binoria, with some 10,000 students enrolled in eight affiliated madrassas, displays a banner at its main gate urging Muslims to join the Taliban." [1]. A large number of graduates from the Binoria have become senior figures in the Taliban. [2] Right before 9/11, Osama bin Laden addressed the students emphasizing the importance of jihad. [The Jihad Next Door: The Lackawanna Six and Tough Justice in an Age of Terror, Dina Temple-Ralston, Page 72 ( ] Mufti claims to have graduated over 100 Americans from his institution. and asked what they teach the children, Mufti relied, "Islam, not math or anything else, only Islam." [3]

It is affiliated to Ittehad Tanzeematul Madaris-e-Deeniya (ITMD), a confederacy of five religious education boards[4]. At one time, Jamia Binoria is said to have had the highest enrollment of foreign students in Pakistan. But the international enrollment dropped following the September 11, 2001 attacks[5]. In 2005, it had around 3,000 male and 500 female students, including students from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany and the Far East[5].


From Jamia Binoria's Website - Jamia Binoria's Motto

Dissemination of the knowledge of Quran and Sunnah to enable the students to think and act accordingly.

Along with the proficiency in Islamic subjects preparing young students, depending on their aptitude, in other sections of religious activity such as teaching, literary pursuits and IFTA (religious verdicts).

Training 'Ulama and students for propagating Islam on international level.
The links on the site are broken, I was most interested in seeing the link:


My burning questions are:

If our government knows about these madrasses why are they allowing passports to the children to enable them to attend these madrassas? Why are they allowing these "students" to re-enter the US? Why aren't their parents deported or prosecuted? Is our government serious about the war on Islamic terror and world domination? What will Baraq Hussein Obama do, if anything about all these questions, if God forbid, he is elected to the presidency?

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  1. wow, this is some bs, i goto this maddressa and their is no such american too and im not brainwashed, their is no taliban there, all we do is study!