Monday, July 7, 2008

OIC Working with UN to Make Christianity an International Crime! ACT NOW

The OIC, the Organization of the Islamic Conference has put forth a proposal at the United Nations that the spreading of Christianity be an international crime.

Take a stand against Radical Islam: Please call 1-877-989-2255.

The OIC is working through the Human Rights Council of the UN.

This is a step in OIC's goal to make Sharia Law the only source of universal rights! Sharia law says if you are an infidel you are to be killed.

This info is from, where you can find the petition: http://www. Petition/ Default.aspx? sc=3359&ac=1

The petition link can also be found at this blog at the top of the right hand column under "Petitions".

Source of Info:
http://www.eclj. org/ecljattheun. html

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