Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pushing Terrorists Off Of Cyberspace!

It would appear that terrorists using YouTube to spread videos depicting terrorist activity are being pushed off cyberspace.

American Congress for Truth (sister org to ACT! for America) blog editor,has been posting about and monitoring this issue for some time, as well as communicating with key Members of Congress about the problem.

Senator Lieberman, Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, has conducted hearings on this issue. (OMG! I can hear the crying, whining anc complaining coming from CAIR now!) He brought pressure on Google/YouTube to ban the posting of videos that show terrorist actions, such as attacks on American troops.

That resistance and pressure to get rid of terrorist training videos on YouTube is working.

Recently one of our memembers came across a chat room thread below on the terrorist website “Ekhlaas.”

The reaction from Senator Lieberman’s staff can be summed up in one word -- “wonderful.”


Here is J. S.’s translation of Ekhlaas terrorist forum threads

“Username: Mohajer Daya’aa Al Tareek, July 4, 2008

Dear Brothers: Invade, Invade YouTube. Most of special and martyrdom operation have been removed.

In the name of Allah the most merciful the most compassionate
Beloved brothers, we beg you to invade YouTube because most of the Jihadi sections have been removed and in particular the martyrdom ones. I did not find the operation of Khatib Fatima. Therefore experts, invade, invade. Allah blesses you.

Username: Hanat Yadaiy, July 4, 2008

I post one movie a day on YouTube and under dozens of different names. After a month one or two names are removed but I keep the work using the other names

Username: Mohajer Daya’aa Al Tareek, July 4, 2008

Allah bless you my beloved brother and continue your work and Allah willing we will have the experience and we will not stop from invading the infidels. Allah will make us victors and the prophet is our idol and the martyrdom is our goal

Username: Mohajer Daya’aa Al Tareek, July 5, 2008

Elevate this subject ( *** he is asking that this thread he wrote will be put in a more prominent place on Ekhlaas terrorist forum so more members will see it and participate in it)

Username: Hanat Yadaiy, July 5, 2008

Thanks Allah who gave us this tool to speak the truth in their sites and no matter how many names they remove, eliminate, and ban we will not give up and they will get rid of us until we go to the battlefields and then our brothers after us will take the task.”

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