Friday, October 17, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama: America's Yasar Arafat?

Below is a letter from the writer Naomi Ragen which nails the issues we face on Nov 4th. While the economic issues take center stage, the problem of Islamic theology which causes terror will be much more of an issue over the next four years than the economy. If we as a nation believe in freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness we must elect leaders who stand for those values. If we elect Obama our freedoms and way of life will be destroyed if not forever, then at least for some considerable time to come. Germany elected Hitler and the economy improved but a much bigger evil was created. I will choose economic difficulty any day over the opening of our borders, to infiltration of our law enforcement and military by an Islamic 5th column, to a fairness doctrine restricting free speech of people who have conservative views, and the selling out of Israel on false peace with a Jewish community both here and in Israel lost for leadership and strength. We Jews have been persecuted for 3000 years, why does every Jewish generation seem to always hope that all of sudden the world has changed its views on Jews?

From The Walid Shoebat Foundaton

Sitting here in Jerusalem reading the poll numbers, I have a feeling of déjà vu. There was a time in Israel when the Oslo Accords and the sincerity of Yasser Arafat were, believe it or not, controversial subjects. More than that, anyone who was against Oslo, who believed Arafat was a terrorist and a liar, and that land for peace was a deception that would lead to terror and war, was vilified. What didn't they call us realists? War-mongers. Partners
with Yigal Amir. There was no debate, just hysteria and vilification. I have to say that even my own family felt we should 'give peace a chance' and watched the handshake on the White House lawn (which I refused to watch and which made me ill) with hope. I was informed that since I wasn't going to be serving in the army, I had no right to suggest that signing this peace agreement was a bad thing.

You know what? It intimidated me. I started to think: how could it be that everyone was so happy and enthusiastic, and I was miserable and depressed? How could they see doves and handshakes when all I could see was terrorist bombs and dead bodies?

So I tried to see the world through their glasses. I tried to be hopeful too. And when it came time to vote, I even voted for a Peace Now candidate, not because I thought there would be peace, but because I thought that it was better for the country to at least put into practice it's wrong ideas,and to experience first hand how badly it was all going to work out. That there was no other way to have unity, because if they didn't get that chance, they would never shut up, and would always blame the opposition for
not giving them a chance. I stopped speaking out. I went along.

What we got, of course, was hell on earth. Thousands were killed, thousands more were injured as Arafat unleashed unbridled terrorist attacks, using the guns our government had given him to kill Israelis, many of them women and children; using the free access into Israel to blow up pizza parlors and discos and bar mitzvah celebrations.

And then came my turn, sitting in the Park Hotel with my family, including my child and political opponent, who was all in favor of Oslo, when thebuilding blew up.

When I came out of that alive with my husband and children, I swore never to be intimidated again. I swore that next time when no-nothings asserted olitical beliefs that were blatantly wrong, and would lead to disaster, I would oppose them openly, come what may. I would also never again suspend my disbelief that other people knew better, including high level academics,intellectuals, and other elites. Including my closest family members. I would keep my common sense.

The Presidential election of the most liberal and inexperienced politician in America, a man with strong Muslim ties and a strong Muslim background; a man who IS linked to domestic terrorism through Bill Ayers, and to numerous pro-Islamic and anti-American advisors - all of whom side with Israel's Leftist enemies (including some Israelis) as well as to anti-American,anti-Semites like Reverend Wright; a man whose supporters are among the same people who brought down the American economy with heir 'liberalism' in money-lending, is just about a fait accompli. I have no idea what has happened to the America I knew. I have no idea what happened to the American Jewish community's support for Israel, how it has been washed away by deceptive self-interest and propaganda lies. But when I think what is in store for the America which is doing this to herself, and the American Jewish community who thinks by selling out Israel it will somehow achieve "change" that will benefit it, my heart aches.

I know that I am helpless to stop this juggernaut towards disaster. Perhaps it is America's turn to experience first hand what we in Israel experienced: the consequences of electing a leadership which does not have the best interests of the country in mind; which has an agenda that has nothing to do with those interests. Sometimes people have to make horrible mistakes in order to learn that they are horrible mistakes. In Israel, this includedover 25,000 terrorist attacks. Children dying in the streets. Being afraid
to walk to the bus stop or even enter a store......

Americans have had a wonderful life in a wonderful country. Everybody in the world wants to live in America. Now, Americans want 'change.' They are about to get it.

May God watch over them. Maybe this is how God intends to get them all to make Aliyah? I wonder how they'll feel when they are sitting here with the rest of us, Obama in the White House, and Iran with a atom bomb.

--Naomi Ragen, citizen of both Israel and the USA

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