Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama, the homegrown and international terrorists and Maxists friend

Ayers wrote 'Dreams of My Father' for Obama.

Jack Cashill, a former editor and author, proves this by revealing a linguistic test I'd never heard of - Flesch Reading Ease Score (FRES). Simply put, FRES mathematically calculates the similarity between two separate pieces of writing. If the pieces are written by two different authors, the mathematical comparisons are wildly different. However, if the SAME author wrote both pieces, the FRES scores are almost identical.

The FRES scores for Ayers' 'Fugitive Days' and Obama's 'Dreams of My Father' are practically mirror images of one another.

Obama didn’t write ‘Dreams’ – Ayers did. And frankly, I don’t need a FRES score to tell me that. From day on, I’ve smelled a rat about this ridiculous claim that Obama is a writer. Bull! Except for his two memoirs, Obama has written nothing. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. And that’s impossible given that Obama is a lawyer. Folks, as a legal secretary of a quarter century, I assure you that a man can not become a lawyer without being able to write. Of all the professions – save journalism – no profession demands the skill of writing more than the legal field. Again, you can not become a lawyer unless you know how to write. (For God’s sake, what do you think pleadings are made of? Colored pictures?) Writing is so vital to becoming a lawyer that you can’t even get IN to law school, let alone graduate from it, without writing. But if then on top of that, you also belong to the elite law school in America – Harvard – but even more incredible, you are the f**king President of its Law Review – then the fact that you did-not-write-a-single-thing is too ludicrous for words.

Yet, that is precisely what Obama has done. He did not write in law school. He did not write as President of its Review. He did not write in his law firm. He didn’t even write despite being a professor of law for nearly a decade. No writing. None. Zilch. And even the two writings Obama supposedly DID write - his memoirs – explode his mythical ‘literary’ ability to pieces. Obama was a flop at writing ‘Dreams’. In 1990, Simon & Schuster gave him a $125,000 advance to write that memoir. But Obama couldn’t. I’m not saying he produced bad drafts – I’m saying he produced nothing at all. Not a single sheet of paper. Things got so desperate he and Michelle fled to Bali to get inspired – but Obama flopped there as well. Finally, after two years, Simon & Schuster dumped him. But Obama’s agent then got him a $40,000 contract with Times book. Except that flopped as well. Two years later, Obama still hadn’t produced a single page of his memoir - until suddenly a strange thing happened.

Obama met a ‘guy in the neighborhood’. Bill Ayers. Unlike Obama, Ayers was having no trouble writing HIS own memoirs – ‘Fugitive Days’ which debuted to wild acclaim and huge book sales. (And make no mistake about it, Ayers wrote ‘Fugitive’ – every word of it.)

Now, remember - Obama insists Ayers was ‘just a guy in the neighborhood’. In fact, the two were such total strangers that Ayers appointed Obama to be chairman of Ayer’s CAC committee, giving Obama control of $110,000,000 to distribute. Yeah, never met the guy.

But guess what happened at the same time this ‘total stranger’ didn’t meet Obama? Somebody wrote “Dreams of My Father”. And FRES scores prove that whoever wrote ‘Dreams’ was the same guy who wrote ‘Fugitive Days’. Ahuh. Yeah, coincidence.

Remember – folks - you read it on this site.

(What? You were expecting to read it in the Times?)

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