Monday, October 27, 2008

In Obama's own words: His Marxist Goal of Redistributing the Wealth

My Fellow Americans:

I urge you to write to news outlets to DEMAND that this video be shown and discussed on their television and radio shows, their newspapers, news alerts, and blogs. Anywhere and everywhere that people will read and hear this latest of Baraq Hussein Mohammad Sottero Obama's outrages!

As if this fraud Obama's associations with domestic and international terrorists, Khalidi and Ayers, the corrupt and cheating ACORN via his community organizing, his representing them as their lawyer, his campaign giving them $820,000.00, his association with "Reverend Wright", his refusal to release his school records, his lying about his Muslim faith, his Global Poverty Tax, his ties to radical Islam in Kenya, his hate for America, his messiah complex, his arrogance, his lying, his acceptance of foreign campaing contributions isn't enough, think about what his Marxist redistribution of wealth and wanting to change the constitution of the United States, because he says it is flawed, will mean to YOU.

The suggested email or text to send to the media is below:


Dear Sir or Madam:

The attached link is to a radio interview that Senator Barack Obama gave in 2001 that I hope you will listen to with an open mind.

I found this interview chilling.

In the 20 months that Senator Obama has been running for president, I cannot see why the message he shares in this audio has not received significant national coverage. Senator Obama very openly and candidly discusses "redistribution of wealth."

Even if you do not find this interview troubling, given Senator Obama quite likely will be our next president, his advocacy of "redistribution of wealth" certainly is newsworthy.

Thank you for your willingness to listen to this tape. Perhaps it could be something to discuss on one of your panel shows.


Here's the video in Obama's own Marxist words - hold on to your wallets people because Obama wants to redistribute the wealth! Try to sift through his legal double talk! Disgusting!

from Keith Davies
Director of Walid Shoebat Fdn


Obama has admited publicly in a 2001 on Chicago PBR that he belives the US constitution only deals with negatives when it comes to freedoms and does not deal with what the governemt needs to "DO FOR YOU." A code for socialist marxiist ideals. He was talking about the civil rights movement but it is in perfect context of what this man belives. So if he is president and swears to uphold the US constitution he is actually lieing under oath at his possible swearing in ceremony.

In the same interview he talks about redistribution of wealth.

Obama as a member of Jeremiah Wright's church for twenty years, which espouses Black Liberation Theology which is a marxist revolutionary interpretation of the bible. If you do not believe us please research it yourselves. Obama wrote a book inspired by Jeremiah Wright, wrote a positive blurb for William Ayers book. What other evidence do we need as to prove Obama is not what he is saying as a "centrist" democratic candidate.

For those interested in hearing the truth right from Obama's own mouth (see the above video).

Our freedoms are in danger, our country is in danger from within, Israel is in mortal danger, make your vote count on Nov 4th even if Obama's ACORN is trying to undermine it.

Keith Davies
Director of Walid Shoebat Fdn

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