Saturday, November 22, 2008

ACTION SITA- Join the Resistance

The SITA Motto: You have an envelope, a stamp thererfore you've got the POWER........You have to POWER to say any public person YOUR OPINION.......So, don't hesitate.............get involved with SITA-actions inspired by Amnesty International.

In French SITA means Sensibilisation à l'Islam Tous Azimuts, it could be translated into Stop Islamization and Terrorist Actions.

To all friends fighting Islam (its texts) but not Muslims = main victims of Islam.

The Islamization of Western countries is carried out in several ways and the building of mosques is an essential component as it is the place where children are indoctrinated to hate Western values and become future jihadists.

An important detail, no mosque is without a Madrassa, a term which is misleading for Westerners. Koranic schools or schools for learning Arabic or tutoring school use only one teaching book, the Koran! Imagine the outcry if we learned English-language only from the Bible.

In the forefront on Islamization, the only effective method that we have found and that we use is inspired by Amnesty International, and is the mailed information with an envelope and a stamp.

It stems from the snowflake phenomenon: one snowflake on a roof, two flakes, three flakes nothing happens but a few billion flakes and roof collapses.


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