Sunday, November 16, 2008

We DEMAND the following of Muslims!

An extract from this interesting article with a set of demands to muslims by Austrian academics, which could serve as a blueprint for other nations:

The Vienna Association of Academics demands the following from Muslims in Austria:

(Note: This is the first time these demands have been made public)

We demand the following:

1. Full disclosure of religious foundations, as required in the law on religion. A certified translation of the Qur’an and the Ahadith are to be deposited (in the Ministry of Interior).

2. All fatwas from imams preaching in Austria are to be translated into German and deposited in the Ministry of Interior.

3. Public Service: All Muslims entering public service must dissociate — in writing — from Koranic verses prohibiting subordination to the instructions of “infidel” officials and judgments from “infidel” judges.

4. School: Teachers, including Islamic religious instructors, must dissociate from those Koranic verses that propagate the disadvantage of women, corporal punishment and violence against members of other religions (and atheists and non-theists).

5. Friday prayers and Quran as well as in schools must be held in German.

6. Ban on covering faces: Total ban of burqa and chador in public.

7. Mosques I: Adjustments to the building regulations so that the preservation of the Austrian Cultural heritage is guaranteed (no dome and minarets).

8. Mosques II: Prayer houses and rooms are often misused and thus viewed as conducive to setting up cells of Islamic parallel society. Mosque-affiliated businesses, restaurants, commercial areas are — unless correctly legally established — to close immediately.

9. Criteria for the awarding of citizenship: Knowledge about the Christian-humanist foundations of our social order is to be tested authoritatively.

10. Asylum applications: There must be a demand for the applicant’s commitment to our Christian-humanist values.

11. Forcing the headscarf for children is to considered an act of violence on the part of the legal guardian and must be treated as child abuse.

12. Animal Cruelty: Ban on trade in and the sale of meat slaughtered according to Islamic rites.

13. Polygamy: As prescribed by law to religious groups in Austria, a ban on marriages in mosques without prior civil wedding must be enforced.

14. Immediate cessation of all public measures designed to encourage refusal of integration (separate cemeteries, special treatments in hospitals, offer of social services in the languages of the countries of origin of migrants, etc.).

15. Call on the Islamic Faith Community to focus efforts on enforcing building permits for Christian Church in Islamic states.

We, here in the US need to DEMAND the same type of things! PASS IT ON PEOPLE.

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