Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's ISLAMIC Terrorism in Mumbai, you media whores!


Witnesses: Terrorists looked for Brits, Americans; Muslim fanatics attack innocent Indians, Americans; bloodbath; Terrorists coordinate attacks across Bombay; Mumbai police: 4 suspects killed, 9 arrested; Analysis: a new tactic by Islamist militants; Mumbai's anti-terrorism squad chief killed; Feds warn of terror plot against NYC subways; Al Qaida targets New York's Penn Station

Several regions of India under attack by ISLAMIC TERRORISTS: Hostages taken, Hotels, Train Stations and Hospitals under attack. Stay tuned for continuing ISLAMIC TERRORISM throughout the globe.

What do YOUR news sources tell you about what is happening in India? Do they tell you it is ISLAMISTS doing the killing, bombing and burning?

P.S. For all you liberal college educated saps out there: Mumbai is Bombay - Bombay is Mumbai.

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