Friday, March 20, 2009

The Big Lair, Sheik Taj Din al Halaly, Sydney, Australia

The Oh So Holy mosque vandalized by the mosques's own Cleric,Sheik Taj Din al Halaly, calls the police and tries to implicate others.

Caught on his own security camera he calls the film and the reporter liars!

This disgrace of a human being claims that Muslims are more intitled to be in Australia than Australians among other absurdities.

Watch the Video

The above video proves the level of lies and deception used by Islamic clerics all over the world for the sake of Jihad and Isalmic domination. We have testimonies from many former Muslims as to the lies and propaganda that is taught from the pulpit by virtually every mosque in the world.

From the Walid Shoebat Foundation

Australia slowly wakes up

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