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Carlos the Jackal Asks for BO's Help in the Revolution to destroy the U.S.A.

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Carlos the Jackal is petitioning President B. H. Obama! Global Revolutionaries Unite Under the Leadership of Osama bin Laden!

"Carlos' 2003 book, "Revolutionary Islam" called on "all revolutionaries, including those of the left, even atheists," to accept the leadership of Islamists such as Osama bin Laden in order to turn Iraq and Afghanistan into "graveyards of American imperialism."

"Only a coalition of Marxists and Islamists can destroy the United States," the communist revolutionary and convert to Islam wrote in his book.

World Net Daily: "Carlos the Jackal to Obama: Help me find terrorist... Emboldened by President Barack Obama's announcement he will close the Guantanamo facility housing suspected terrorists, one of the most notorious leftist terrorists of the 1970s and 1980s has written the president, asking him for help in finding a "former comrade-in-arms" missing for 14 years (...)"Our comrade Bruno Breguet, a Swiss citizen, was abducted on 11th November 1995 from a ferry-boat between Italy and Greece, in a special operation with NATO naval support. (...)"

Carlos concluded by reminding the president of his own Muslim grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama, who converted to Islam in the 1950s after having been imprisoned and tortured in Kenya by the British during the Mau Mau rebellion (...) as your Luo grandfather would say: ALLAHU AKBAR! I remain, Mister President, yours in revolution, "Carlos". >>>

Who ever needed proof that the revolutionary strains of yesteryear and today are communicating vessels, this is it. Collectives trump ideology (including religion) in facing the common enemy: free individuals, liberal democracy and market capitalism, in short: Liberty!

A mystery writer could not have made this one up ... In a preliminary reaction our Greece Intelligence correspondent states the letter is full of symbolism. In order to preserve secrecy terrorists tend to communicate via public announcements in a sort of code. Analysts will be some time going over this one as "it is not a simple letter ... it raises lots of questions". He clarifies the Greek connection as follows:

Bruno Breguet was connected with the former Greek terrorist group "ELA" who were active in the 80's. According to all data and news reports up to date due to Greece's geographical location, ELA was acting as a go-between between Carlos the Jackal's group and the Middle East.
So Bruno was traveling to Greece often to check up on his comrades and deliver directives or accept notes. There are many rumors for his disappearance. None has been verified yet.
The members of the ELA group, middle class extreme Leftists, were arrested between 2002-2003. All are now out of jail for a variety of reasons. What is interesting is that they didn't kill anyone, but were mostly targeting foreign, western targets with explosives. Some assume that they were just a "front" for the Jackal's group and not terrorists per se.
In any case, the resurgence of Leftist terrorists in Greece over the past few weeks and the evidence being gathered that they might related to Islamist groups, most probably correlates with Carlos' "Obama letter".
Something may be brewing between the terrorist networks - a compromise with the Obama Administration may be in the works or a preparation of a renewed fight. New developments are more than certain. Greece being in the Balkans, sandwiched between Western Europe and the Middle East, it was probably the "first testing ground" of what lies ahead.Read also Ioannis Michaletos' analysis of the December street violence (coordinated urban guerrilla, some would say) and the targeting of police officers recently in Athens, in "Riots in Greece: The undercover news". - Filed on Articles in "The Unholy Alliance" and "Terrorism in Greece" -

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