Friday, March 13, 2009

A Grateful Kuwaiti "Moderate" Muslim

Do you recall about a decade ago we sent American resources and spilled American blood to free Kuwait from Iraqi plunder and conquest?

Now a Kuwaiti professor shows us islamic gratitude. Listen to how nicely he pronounces the few English words - with quite an American accent! Note his introductory remarks about Anthrax on the White House lawn!

And an American president is convinced we can "negotiate" with them! He must be completely delusional.

Listen carefully (OK, watch the English titles) as this mild-mannered educator, a truly moderate muslim, explains to his Arab audience just how these peaceful holy servants of Allah will treat us. Listen (watch) especially the last few seconds as he says the unspeakable.

To make sure no one missed it, Al-Jazeera broadcast the lecture!
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لن استسلم
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