Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dhimmi Dummy of the Day - STATE Category

Welcome to the Dhimmi Dummy of the Day group - HAWAII

Maybe they should have a NAZI DAY or COMMUNIST MURDER DAY Too ! Why leave any mass murder ideologies out?

Hawaiian lawmakers pass bill to celebrate "Islam Day" despite objections. Hawaii goes dhimmi although they are clueless to the sucidal path they have begun.

The Hawaii state Legislature passed a resolution that marks Sept. 24 (WHY NOT MAKE IT SEPTEMBER 11! AS LONG AS YOU ARE CELEBRATING THE ACCOMPLLISHMENTS OF MURDER)as Islam Day to recognize the "rich religious, scientific, cultural and artistic contributions" of Islam and the Islamic world. This is a deception and a fantasy. It is a deception because it fails to mention the violence and persecution and over 200 million deaths, that Islam has meted out to non-Muslims it in its 1400 year history and still does now, in so many parts of the world. It is a fantasy because most of the so called achievements of
Islam were previously produced by other (non-Islamic) cultures, or were the
product of non-muslims living in Dhimmitude under Islam.

This is part of the stealth Jihad strategy of Islamists, that whilst terrorising you, you should accept them as legitimate replacements for your culture. Next time you submissively shuffle through another undignified airport security Screening, ask yourself "Why do I have to do this?"

Islam once again demands special privileges because it is in their minds, the superior, supremacist ideology. Hawaii will not be having a Buddhist day, a Sikh day, a Jewish day etc. There is not a a day to celebrate Hawaii's indigenous
polytheistic religion. This is blatant discrimination, of the type we are
getting so used to.

Vote against Islam Day (in Hawaii) in a poll being taken by a Hawaiin paper -the results of the poll will be published to let Hawaii politicians know how
people feel about their adopting the resolution. You do not need to be a
Hawaii resident to vote.

Vote NO to disapprove of this resolution:

The above post contains quotes from individuals who have emailed me regarding this issue, many of them more articulate than I. Thank you friends.

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