Saturday, May 23, 2009

In Dueling Speeches, a National Security Debate - Video

In Dueling Speeches, a National Security Debate
Obama Says Bush Set Aside Principles in Terrorism Fight, Americans with brains says Obama doesn't give a care about Americans or their security.

President Obama and former vice president Richard B. Cheney yesterday gave the country the national security debate it never had during last year's campaign, with the two outlining starkly divergent views of American power and the presidency in the fight against terrorism.

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Obama "We know that al qaeda is planning to attack us again" (this is why Obama must weaken us further, eh???? Listen to Cheney walk all over the imposter, Obama's extremely flawed logic and attempts to put all Americans in danger. Even with his teleprompter, Obama shows what a dufus he is. In order words, Obama refuses to do all he can to protect and defend Americans and America, talking his oath of office as a joke, what else would you expect from the fraud who many say is not even eligible to hold the office. Obama is talking about "time-tested" methods........are these the ones he HOpes to change?

WAKE UP OBAMABOTS!!! he doesn't give a fig about you and your family, unless of course you are black and/or Muslim, which is an outcome of the utterly destructive "multiculturalism" that is seperating us all into special groups and then piting each of us against the other group (Tribalism! we see how great that works when the administration "reaches out to the Muslim Community")....further, giving special group, special privileges and protections. If this isn't Jim Crow and discrimination that so many of us fought against for so long, I don't know if we can survive this kind of 1984, big brother thinking!!!

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