Saturday, April 19, 2008

Anti-Jihad Resistance Movement - JOIN TODAY

PROUD MEMBER of the Anti-Jihad Resistance

The anti-jihad resistance is not an organization, it is any and every organization who is against the Jihadist threat which faces the West. A member of the anti-jihad resistance is anyone and everyone who is against Islamic militancy. It is the growing movement of thousands of organizations and individuals against the threats we face from radical Islam. Are you part of the resistance?

DISCLAIMER: The anti-jihad resistance is a non-entity, has no charter, and is NOT an organization or group, but is comprised of any and all organizations and groups who are against Jihad. Therefore it is made up of countless organizations who may not share the same views or tactics, yet share the common belief of protecting the West from Islamofascism. The actions of one group in no way reflect the actions or beliefs of any other group, and all groups remain entirely separate entities, although they may team up from time to time on various campaigns. The resistance is a powerful guiding force that will constantly remind us that we are all working for the same goal. It is the cohesive uniting belief that all groups who share the same view that we must confront the Jihadist threats should set aside all differences and unite in one movement.

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