Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sharia-Compliant Financing:

Sharia-Compliant Financing:
One More Tentacle of Cultural Jihad

“Jihad Comes to Wall Street.”

How serious is this?

The answer is very, very serious.

Consider just one problem with sharia-compliant financing: the likelihood that some of YOUR investment and banking dollars will end up in the coffers of terrorist organizations.

How? Because any financial institution that agrees to participate in such financing is facing the prospect of having to divert 2.5% to as much as 6% of its profits to Muslim charities. So what’s wrong with such “philanthropy?”

Over the past several years, three major Muslim charities in America have been shut down after investigations revealed they were funneling charitable contributions to terrorist organizations. How many more around the world are doing the same thing?

In other words, with sharia-compliant financing we might as well be taking a portion of our interest, dividends, and capital gains, and handing that money directly to terrorists.

Click on this link,, to visit a website advertising a sharia-compliant conference. Take special note of the sponsors, which include the Dow Jones and Standard and Poor’s.

Vladimir Lenin once noted that “the capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.” Sharia-compliant financing goes one better than that – we simply give them the money to hang us.

How to stop it? Education is necessary – but not sufficient. It will take substantial, organized, grassroots pressure.

A few years ago, Bank of America let it be known it was going to actively market its products to illegal immigrants, which the bank saw as an untapped market. A fierce grassroots outcry followed, and to its credit Bank of America listened and scrapped its plan.

JOIN ACT! FOR AMERICA TODAY to help stop this tenacle of cultural jihad!

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