Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Paying for our own demise

From a post at ISLAM IN ACTION http://islaminaction08.blogspot.com/2008/04/paying-for-our-own-demise.html

Paying for our own Demise

I was watching the end of Hannity and cowardly Colmes last night. Mr. Hannity was speaking about how just as early as next year that Americans may be paying up to $10 a gallon of gas. Just imagine what the Islamofascists will do with all that extra oil money. They are already picking us apart piece by piece. With the extra money they can open up more Mosques and madrases here and in Europe. No thanks, there are already more then enough of them here already.

More money, means more money to attack the minds of our children in our universities as the Saudis continue to buy influence on our campus grounds. Higher oil prices mean more money to fund Islamic terrorist groups like Hezbollah, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

More terrorist training and more military equipment for them and lastly more cash to lobby our gutless Saudi buttock kissing politicians. Our politicians and country have done NOTHING for decades to help ourselves here at home in regards to the energy issue. They talk and talk about it but take no action. Well action is what we NEED. We need to start drilling for oil here at home. We should be inviting our old but new ally, France who has almost 80% of its electricity coming from nuclear plants over here to give us a helping hand with building them. France and nuke plants. We have gotten nothing but lip service for long enough. We have to FORCE our politicians hand to take action. Before we become slaves to the Middle East.

So are you going to just sit there, read this and then go about your daily business? Or are you going to take action and contact your local representatives today? When you do call or write. Don't be shy. Let them know straight out that you know what the Saudis are all about. Think of it as helping us and the life's of our future generations.

The contact link is here: http://www.senate.gov/ Go ahead make that call or send an email. We have to help ourselves.

Your friend,
Exposing Islam

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