Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Call to Jihad has nothing to do with Islam


Terrorist who has nothing to do with Islam calls on Muslims to turn mosques, schools, factories, universities into "centers of support for jihad"

Now that the EU has strongly denounced those venomous people who insist on linking Islam with terrorism and have made it European dogma that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, I wonder if they will issue a condemnation of Al-Zawahri as an...Islamophobe.
Meanwhile, his call to do this will be heeded insofar as Muslims accept his claim to represent the truth of Islam. But that is the one element of the jihadist appeal that analysts almost uniformly ignore.

"Al-Zawahiri Calls On Muslims To Turn Mosques, Schools, Factories, Universities into 'Centers of Support for Jihad,'" from MEMRI (thanks to LGF):

On April 18, 2008, Al-Ikhlas and other Islamist websites posted an audio message by Al-Zawahiri, produced by Al-Sahab, titled "Five Years after the Invasion of Iraq; Decades of Oppression by the Tyrant." Al-Zawahiri states that the Democrats in the U.S. are deceiving their voters when they promise to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq by forming an understanding with Iran. This understanding, he says, is meant to allow the Americans to focus on fighting Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan, but will in fact only "only serve Iran's interests in the region and add fuel to the fire."

Al-Zawahiri also discusses what he calls the Muslims' longstanding economic crisis and political oppression at the hands of the Arab regimes, particularly the Egyptian government. He calls upon the Muslims to take matters into their own hands, saying: "Rights are not granted, but are claimed by force."

He concludes by urging Muslims to take to the streets, and to turn their mosques, schools, factories and universities into centers of support for jihad and resistance.

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