Sunday, August 9, 2009

Accusations about "angry mobs" Our elected Policiticans turn rabid against the hand that feeds them!

In recent days, there have been a lot of accusations about "angry mobs," "right wing extremists," and "those funded by the Republican Party and the insurance industry."

The first rule of anything competitive is not to underestimate your opposition. If they actually believed their own propaganda, they would be demonstrating an ignorance level that I do not believe they have. They know damn well who we are - average folks who oppose them.

Their comments and tactics are those that they think will be effective. However, given the size of and the growth of our movement, their approach cannot succeed unless we relent. I see no sign that any on our side is going to relent. Our confidence and enthusiasm have never been higher.

In other words, continue to attend the congressional town hall meetings, book signings and Tea Parties. The left-leaning mainstream media ignored us when more than a million people attended Tea Parties on April 15th, and they dismissed us when we protested on July 4-5. Now that the thin-skinned Democrat leaders are having trouble defending their government-takeover positions, the media is finally talking about those who are protesting.

In the latest polling, 52-39% are now against ObamaCare. That is a major change from just a month ago when Obama had a lead. We know the real reason for their disingenuous and dishonest charges - we have been effective.

P.S. The media is saying that we are angry. For once the media has it right; we are angry.

ANGRY about "Obamacare" -- Obama's attempt to create a nationalized rationed health care system!

ANGRY about Obama's push for "cap and trade" legislation, which will be the largest tax increase in U.S. history!

ANGRY about Obama's refusal to just show us his long-form birth certificate and PROVE he's a natural-born citizen!

ANGRY that Obama passed a "stimulus" package that represented only a political payoff that benefited his special interest groups.

ANGRY that Obama has taken over America's automobile industry!

ANGRY that Obama has nationalized America's banking industry!

Thank you, Richard!

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