Tuesday, August 4, 2009

MSNBC goes lunatic with Obama 'birther'

Folks, the below 'interview' below by 2 MSNBC correspondents of the Tel Aviv attorney (Dr. Orly Taitz) handling the case regarding Obama's birth (was he born in Hawaii or Kenya?) is so horrifying that the attorney should have filed charges against MSNBC for assault. Yes, it got that bad.

To start with, MSNBC does NOT show a document which Dr. Taitz has just produced (and which is, as we speak, flying through the Net with the speed of light). The document is the marriage certificate of Obama's parents - in Kenya. (I've seen a copy of that certificate and all I can say is, it looks incredibly real to me.) Anyway, the male MSNBC correspondent refuses to show it and instead begins the broadcast with a loud putdown of Dr. Taitz before she even appears. I.e., what an idiot this attorney is to dare question the 'proof' of Obama's birth in Hawaii.

And just what IS this proof? Two announcements in 2 Hawaiian newspapers at the time of his birth. (That's it. Nothing more.) The smirking attitude of the male correspondent is pretty bad. But what happens next is sickening.

When the attorney finally comes on the air and tries to explain her position, the male correspondent literally begins yelling at her that she's wrong. I'm not saying he talks over her - no, he literally yells at her non-stop! How can she possibly dare to question them, what is the matter with her. As she struggles to explain herself, he yells non-stop over her again and again and again. He yells and yells at her till about the half point of the 'interview'. By that time, however, to his dismay and despite his yelling, Dr. Taitz has nenetheless managed to kick a gigantic hole in MSNBC's 'proof' of Obama's Hawaiian birth - i.e., the birth announcement in two Hawaiian newspapers. As Dr. Taitz explains, neither of those newspapers had a shred of proof that the birth had happened. All that they'd required was a form filled out and mailed them by someone claiming the birth had taken place in Hawaii, but with NO proof attached. Ergo, MSNBC's 'proof' is nothing whatsoever.

At this point, the male correspondent goes lunatic. Since the attorney has ripped his Obama 'proof' to shreds, he turns on Dr. Taitz with a vengence. In a loud voice, the male correspondent demands Dr. Taitz respond to the accusation that she had refused a limo sent for her by MSNBC because - the driver of the limo had 'an Arabic sounding name'. Dr. Taitz's jaw drops at this charge of racism. (I nearly lost my lunch at this point.) Dr. Taitz immediately denies it - but the mud has already been flung in her face.

Sensing her male correspondent is getting out of control - the MSNBC black female correspondent then takes over. Trust me, it's no improvement. With contempt dripping from her like venom, the female correspondent offers a different 'proof' that the attorney is lying. "Ann Coulter says you're a crank." That's it, folks. That's MSNBC's second proof. As Dr. Taitz tries to question how anyone could describe this as 'proof', the female correspondent stubbornly talks over Dr. Taitz again and again and again - 'You're crazy.' "Ann Coulter says you're a crank! Ann Coulter says you're a crank!"

When the lawyer still doesn't back down, the two correspondents finally just kick her off the air and talk amongst themselves about the 'racism' of this attorney's accusation. And right there in front of us, the two of them congratulate themselves for their integrity. Yes, sir - you got that right. These two kindly, charming correspondents literally pat themselves on the backs as they explain that the only reason Dr. Taitz was allowed on the air by them in the first place was because the correspondents had a ' journalistic responsibility' to show the world all of the foaming mouthed, insane, deranged lunatics out there talking about this ludicrous claim that Obama was not born in Hawaii.

Disgusting. Just disgusting.

Click HERE to see these disgusting MSNBC correspondents - UNBELIEVEABLE!

Thank you Lucianne and Carolyn

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