Monday, August 10, 2009

Big Brother and the Average American

Please read the full text of the actual bill, HR3200, and decide for yourself who is being deceitful about Obamacare.

Who is unAmerican and who is acting like Nazi's?

Who has the power and who is abusing that power?

Are YOU unAmerican, as Nancy Pelosi has said because you disagree with government policies or proposed policies?

Do you think it's American to tattle on your neighbors for nothing more than verbalizing their opposition to government policies? This is what THIS Obama website is asking your neighbors to do!!! Talk about Nazis!!

White House Launches Web Site to Battle Health Care 'Rumors'
A White House Web site activated Monday uses the same set-up as the "Fight the Smears" page the Obama campaign maintained last year to battle rumors seen as potentially damaging to his candidacy: His eligibility to be U.S.A. President, who paid for his affirmative action education at Harvard.

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