Friday, August 14, 2009

Obama denounces media for telling the truth of the townhall meetings!

It's not enough for this fraud of an administration to call dissenting Americans domestic terrorists, Nazis and unAmerican, but now Obama denounces the media for telling the public the truth! Talk about audacity!!! What a smug, elitist Americaphobe!

Could it be that even the mainstream media have had enough of this administration's campaign of deceit and lies?

"Now look" (quoting Obama's often used phrase to belittle a questioner), how he going to pay for the cost of Universal Health Care is just one of the big questions people are asking. If the man wanted to tell the truth about it, he could just say 1) Raise your taxes and break my campaign promise, or 2) Continue to have more money printed, thereby further devaluing the dollar or 3) sell security and military secrets to China or to Hamas or 4) The Elephant in the room will pay for it and no, that smell is not due to the Elephant in the room :-D (No reference or insult to Dumbo the Elephant intended).

It's no wonder people are angry! Both the average citizen and the media can no longer deny that Obamacare is not what the man claims AND people are angry for being called Nazi's unAmerican and Domestic terrorists for dissenting, AND for Obama asking his Obamabots to report their neighbors for attending Townhall Meetings or TEA Parties or to report those who simply do not want Obama care!

Talk about audacity!!

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