Sunday, August 16, 2009

White House appears ready to drop 'public option'


What? WHAT? WHAT????? Ovomit is finally listening to American citizens????? Oh No, wrong again if you believe the line that it is the Republicans who are opposed to Obamacare. People, people, people and YOU Ovomitbots, listen up too......It's the will of the people that we do not have Nationalized Health Care. The average American citizens who showed up to TownHall Meetings on their own: Democrats, Republicans, Independents: These are the people of the majority public opinion, NOT the insipid Republican Party, because as usual the MainStream Media whores SIMPLY DO NOT GET IT! Citizens DO NOT WANT OBAMACARE.

Yes, there have been people at the TownHall Meetings who were in favor of the power grab, however, those were Stooges of Ovomit and the Senators or Congress Critters, whom in the case of my Congressman's TH meeting, Mr. Stark, slipped and actually called some of them by first name with those persons not having said their names! These same people were said to have been bused in and/or paid by the fraud in the WhiteHouse and his thugs and elsewhere on the net you can find the origin of the assertion by Nancy Pelosi that those who opposed Ovomit care were carring signs with Nazi symbols.

Yes, friends, all the slimmy actions that the liberals and Democraps attributed to folks who opposed the proposed bill, were IN FACT, the actions of the liberals and Democraps themselves. We have seen this behavior, over and over again. Think about it. Who has the money to bus in professional protesters? Who has the money to feed their employees? Certainly not any of the peopleor grass-roots groups I belong to - hell! we don't even have money for signs at protests. I suggest you look closely at the signs Americans are carrying - signs they have made with pens or crayons, some of those signs are on cardboard, some are printed out on 8 1/2 X 11 size paper on home computers.

I am so happy that people are finally waking up to the Ovomit socialist/Bolshvek/Chavez/Chicago thug take over of the American Economy! I didn't think it would ever happen and apparently neither did our elitist so-called representatives.

Social Engineering Ovomit and his thugs have only lost a battle, not the war, so friends, please keep yourselves informed and continue to get out there to protest the takeover of your liberties because the Republican Party is certainly not doing anything about it, hell, they are even supporting chaos within at least one Alameda County GOP Central Committee and I can only wonder if that same silly "eating your own children" attitude has permeated the entire Republican Party. It certainly seems so, as they have been absolutely unable to get it together on any level including failing to do much of anything to block an appointment of a racist (Sotomayor) to the highest court in the land, nor even get out one shred of paperwork to public gatherings and TH meetings with information or where to get the real information on HR3200. This is why many people I know are not registered for either the Democrapic or Repubic party - both parties have abandoned the American people and continue to pander to foreign nationals.......yes all 50 million of them. This is also one major reason citizens were/are so angry. At the Pete Stark TH Meeting on Saturday, August 15, he continued to refer to "People living in America"

My question is: If you are so willing to accept 50 million foreign national invaders into this country AND to pay for their health care, WHY DON'T YOU PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS AND TAKE IN A FAMILY OF 10 INTO YOUR OWN HOME: FEED, CLOTH, EDUCATE THEM AND PAY FOR THEIR HEALTH CARE. NO? I didn't think so. Not a single liberal bleeding heart whom I have asked this question was willing to do so, however they are all willing for ME and everyone else to do it. Hypocrites!


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