Sunday, August 9, 2009

Senior Citizens Stand Up Against Obamacare at AARP Meeting

Senior Citizens Stand Up Against Obamacare at AARP Meeting

Look what happened in Dallas at an AARP meeting discussion on Obama’s healthcare nightmare. These senior citizens decided to stand up against it, and the AARP folks didn’t like it one bit. I think Democrats like Nancy Pelosi will have a hard time persuading people these guys were plants from the vast right wing conspiracy “mob”. Don’t you think it’s funny the AARP called this a listening session?

Here is a copy of the ObamaCare health plan. You better read it because you will be forced to live with it! Links to full text and summaries.

If a few Senior Citizens or other citizens are upset and yell, this does not change the argument. Those people have no power, so why vilify them for being upset. Don't change the subject - The elected "officials" are still obligated to listen to the people who elected them or must be "register" or turn over our financial records and computer control to the elected so that we will THINK they are listening to us because they told us they are listening.


  1. First we need to get rid of 50% of the government and our country would still be over staffed. I served during the Vietnam war and the VA garnisheed my wages from social security for medicine. This is so low you can see how the government is. Vietnam Vets are still ignored. My problems with our country are:
    1. We are being taxed to death to make the people in our government richer.
    2. Our President gave us money back and the state and local government found ways to get it back in cigarette taxes and gas taxes.
    3. They complain about the people on social security getting raises and some live on 600.00 a month.
    4. They give billions away to other countries and over look what is happening what is going on at home.
    5. we are in another war where the money spent could help the kids in America and many lives of the soldiers saved.
    6. The racism is America is unbelievable. Stop It NOW. The white people in American history were slave also. You don't here them complaining. The people who are raciest are the ones complaining.
    7. Our government taxes us for our pay and then taxes us on what we buy. They are getting it from every point. We are be double and triple taxed in every way and know one looks at this. There is federal, state, city, RITA taxes, taxes on every utility, food cigarettes, homes, cars. You name it and we are being taxed. Where does it stop MR.PRESIDENT.
    8. We as Americans are losing all of our rights. For once Mr. President make a difference. You are turning just as greedy and demanding as the rest of the people in office. America is going to have to stand up and take our country back. We are hurting here and none of you care.
    9. I still see the low and middle income people being taxed to death and singled out.
    10. I love my country and I see it turning into the Hitler days. We need to stop the political bull in this country. The government only thins of their pockets and not the people. I am 60 and dying and I have seen a lot and this is the worst it has ever been. We are not free any more. AMERICANS STAND UP NOW OR LOOSE IT.

  2. As long as citizens stay silent about the illegal immigration invasion, accept PC, and the nonsense about not calling Islamic Jihad what it is, the corrput politicans know they can do anything to us and we'll take it. Even the outcry against government health insurance at the recent town hall meetings was not enough of a protest to have our voices heard. The politicans continued to lie and pull statistics right out of where the sun don't shine, call tax-paying citizens names and generally tell us to "go to hell". Speak with your vote and vote the bums out! Thank you for your service to this country to help keep us strong, I pray it wasn't it vain!